Partners – Canada

David G. Gould

David G. Gould - LL.B., Q.C., C.Med.

David is a recognized leader in the design and implementation of conflict management and dispute resolution systems and processes including mediation, arbitration and med/arb. David leads the Certus team of process experts to integrate these approaches with crisis communication theory and today's regulatory and legal requirements to consult and engage publics, stakeholders and impacted communities.

Former chairman of the Global Negotiation Insight Institute (GNII), David helps people and organizations have difficult conversations and reach better decisions about what matters most for our communities, environment and economic future.

David has worked extensively with industry, energy regulators, government agencies, community and industry stakeholder groups, Aboriginal communities and numerous companies in the transmission, mining and oil and gas sectors across North America.

Barbara A. Samuels

Barbara A. Samuels - B.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Barb’s work with Certus involves assisting industry and government organizations to have difficult yet meaningful conversations with their stakeholders. Her background is in planning, policy and program development, information architecture and large-scale national and local public consultations, facilitated dialogues and workshops.

Barb is considered an organizational change agent and has designed many innovative processes and tools for consultations, negotiations and mediations including using the principles of effective information architecture in the preparation of materials to encourage well-informed dialogue.

Barb has assisted companies, organizations, governments and energy regulators have difficult conversations about government debt and deficit policy, health system restructuring, oil sands environmental impacts, drilling issues related to sensitive lakes, streams and aquifers, multi-jurisdictional spills and reclamation issues, effective citizen engagement, cultural diversity and religion in education.

Strategic Alliance


Bill Remmer

Bill Remmer - P. Eng.

Bill is a professional engineer, certified mediator, facilitator, negotiator and arbitrator with over 31 years experience with the Alberta Energy and Resources Conservation Board (ERCB). He has held numerous senior level ERCB management positions and was an acting Board member who has chaired or been a panel member for over 100 ERCB hearings on a wide range of public and industry issues. He was responsible for creating the ERCB’s Appropriate Dispute Resolution program for conflicts between landowners and oil and gas companies.